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The 10 Reasons why the Bulgarian Bag is Taking Over the Fitness World

Find out why the Bulgarian Bag is taking the fitness world by storm

One of the hottest exercise trends right now is Bulgarian bag workouts. In this guide, we’re breaking down the top 10 benefits of using Bulgarian bags.

What piece of equipment is taking the modern fitness world by storm? The answer: the Bulgarian bag.

Ivan Ivanov, a former Olympic wrestler, invented this versatile piece of workout equipment in 2005. The bag quickly became popular among athletes and professionals around the globe.

So who uses Bulgarian bags? Many military personnel, MMA fighters, elite athletes, and those who want to get stronger use it.

No matter what you are looking for in a piece of workout equipment, the Bulgarian bag has it all. Keep reading to find out the top 10 benefits of incorporating Bulgarian bags into your workout.

1. The All-In-One Workout

The Bulgarian bag can work nearly every muscle fiber of your body. It is one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment known to man.

The bag features three handles: side handles, straps, and feet. Each handle provides different options for exercises.

Aside from unique movements, the bag can also replicate the movements of almost every other fitness equipment on the market.

You can use the bag for pulling motions, twisting/swinging exercises, or in a static position, such as bicep curls.

2. Improved Grip Strength

Bulgarian bag is the best option for those who want to increase grip strength.

Working out with the bag involves a lot of swinging and momentum, forcing you to adjust your grip often. You will not get the same level of benefit from barbells or grip strengtheners.

If you compete in a sport that requires a strong grip, your forearms will thank you for choosing Bulgarian bags. You will notice significant gains when it comes to grip strength.

3. Reduced Idle Time

Are you tired of switching between equipment after every exercise? You are not the only one.

Similar to kettlebells, Bulgarian bags allow you to focus more on the workout than standing around. This leads to more intense workouts and better overall results.

This bag is ideal for those who love to use supersets during their workouts. Switching from one exercise to another has never felt more seamless.

The bag will maximize your gym time. You can forget about having a reason to slack off between sets. Plus, you will get a monster workout in a short amount of time.

4. Workout Using Natural Movements

Bulgarian bags mimic natural movements, helping you avoid all of the unnatural movements that often lead to injuries. Natural movements also ensure that all your muscle groups develop uniformly.

The best part about natural movements is functional strength. Every movement you do with the bag resembles your movements during normal activities.

The gains you make with the bags will be useful in your everyday life, increasing your return on the time invested in the gym.

5. Improved Strength

Is strength your primary goal strength? The Bulgarian bag is a wonderful way for you to get your entire body stronger.

With the bags, you can do anything from bicep curls to shoulder press. It enables you to do essentially all the same compound movements that you do with barbells or dumbbells.

Not only will you strengthen up your shoulders, arms, back, and legs, but you will also build an impressively strong core. Your abs will be more impressive than ever before.

As with most forms of training, people who are newer will make the biggest strength gains. But due to the unique movements, advanced athletes will make significant improvements as well.

6. Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

You can opt for a lower weight bag if your primary focus is cardio. You can also use a separate bag for cardio if you wish.

However, you will get plenty of cardiovascular benefits with just one heavier bag as well. It is the most effective way to combine your strength and cardio training into one fluid session.

Bulgarian bag workouts involve going swiftly from one movement to another, leaving your body screaming for mercy. Your endurance will see significant improvement with regular use.

7. Improved Mobility and Explosiveness

Bulgarian bags will improve your mobility in several key joints. The biggest differences you will see are in your hips and shoulder joints.

As you improve your mobility, you will also notice that the Bulgarian bag training leads to ridiculous explosiveness. If you need to regain either one of these key attributes, working out with the bag will do the trick.

8. Reduced Risk of Injury

There is very little injury risk with Bulgarian bags. You can do intense workouts without having to worry about something slipping or falling on you.

The bag does not require a spotter. Additionally, if a rep ever gets too tough to grind out, you can simply drop the bag without a worry. This lets you push workouts further than ever before.

9. Add Variety to Your Workout

Maybe you do not plan to use the bag as your primary piece of equipment. Even if that is the case, you can still use it for a nice change of pace.

If you do a lot of heavier barbell work, you can sprinkle in a few sets of Bulgarian bag exercises to make your workouts less dull.

Adding new movements to your workout ensures that you are constantly challenging your body. This prevents your body from getting used to your workouts, giving you better results.

10. Workout On the Go

You always want to get a solid workout in while you travel. The problem is that there is not always a good gym available.

You can now say goodbye to this problem.

Most Bulgarian bags weigh anywhere between 11 lbs and 50 lbs. You can put it in a travel bag and take it with you anywhere you go. Sadly, you cannot say the same for your barbells.

Additionally, the bag is a good fit for trainers and those who offer fitness classes.

Bulgarian Bags Are the Best Choice for Fitness

No other piece of workout equipment can do what the Bulgarian bag does. It takes your workouts to a whole new level. You will never replicate the same unique movements with barbells, kettlebells, bands, or dumbbells.

The bag enables you to do full body workouts on the go, helping you stay in peak physical condition. It is the best way to increase your strength and cardio while mimicking natural movements and reducing your injury risk.

If you want to add the Bulgarian bag to your workout routine, check out our expert buyers guide for the best bags of 2017 before making your decision. You can also check out other informative posts on our blog.

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