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Best Bulgarian Bags 2018: Expert Buyers Guide

The Bulgarian Bag is the THE ultimate fitness tool for serious athletes that maximizes strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, and overall explosiveness! If you’re looking to buy a Bulgarian Bag or a simply looking for information around Bulgarian Bag exercices, reviews and comparisons, we hope you’ll find our guide on the best Bulgarian Bags 2017 useful!

The Best Bulgarian Bags 2018

The Bulgarian Bag – the must-have fitness accessory for any looking to supercharge their workout in 2017 – has been making headlines all over. As such, we had a look at what makes a good bag, and below you can find our list of the best Bulgarian Bags available today!

After having reviewed multiple brands in an effort to provide an unbiased view of all available options, we would strongly advise the purchase of a Suples® Bulgarian Bag. This is company of the original inventor, has been in business for over 10 years, offers free shipping and a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

Best Bulgarian Bags 2017

Rating Product Price Go
#1 – Bulgarian Bag – Suples (The Original) Genuine Leather $$$$ Compare Prices
#2 – SUPLES Fitness Bulgarian Bag $$$ Compare Prices
#3 –ARD Champs Bulgarian Bag $$$ Compare Prices
#4 – CoreX Matador Training Bag $$$ Compare Prices
#5 – 4Fit Bulgarian Bag $$ Compare Prices

Number 1: Suples Bulgarian Bag (leather) Review: The Original and BEST

Our best rated Bulgarian Bag of 2017 has to be the original bag designed by Ivan himself. It comes in full-grain leather for maximum durability and impact! It’s the best Bulgarian Bag to gain muscle weight and bulk up and as such perfect for aspiring wresters, MMA-figthers or boxers.

This bag is pricier than other versions, but you get a free shipping, a brand name that’s proven to get results for over 10 years and a 100% money back guarantee! Worth the extra few $’s in our opinion!

Final Say: It is a piece of craftsmanship, made for athletic development. If you are a true devotee of fitness and mobility, you MUST have one of these.

Number 2: Suples Bulgarian Bag (synthetic leather) Review: Trendy and Effective

If you’ve been working out with a Bulgarian Bag in the past, you would probably have been using this model. It is a firm favourite of gyms and personal trainers due to its versatility and durability. Whilst it’s not as traditional as the leather version, the synthetic leather means it is easy to keep clean and makes it ideal for high frequency use.

Final Say: The perfect Bulgarian Bag for the trendy high-performance athlete! Easy-wipe synthetic leather means the bag remains hygienic when sharing with others.

Number 3: ARD Champs Bulgarian Bag (leather) Review: Good Quality Alternative

Please note that the description of this bag is somewhat misleading – it is in fact made of extra heavy-duty synthetic leather (not genuine leather, as the product title might indicate). That fact aside, the ARD Bulgarian Bag offers quality stitching and is perfect if you have sand or iron powder cotton to fill it as it comes unfilled.

Final Say: A good, cheaper alternaive to our list-topping Supls Bulgarian Bag. Please note that this bag comes shipped empty so you will have to fill it yourself (be sure you consider the added costs of this).

Number 4: CoreX Matador Training Bag Review: Quality Copycat

CoreX has faced some criticism over various trademark infringements with the original inventor of the Bulgarian Bag Suples LTD. You will find most handles and grips that you would expect on the original, but the Matador Bag inoovates on the original with a custom filling of rubber pellets that absorb force and help maintain the shape of the bag during exercies (unlike sand for example). It comes in soft yet very strong synthetic leather and is available in multiple weight options depending on your level.

Final Say: It’s a clear copycat of the original Bulgarian Bag, but at the price level it is an excellent value alternative.

Number 5: 4Fit Bulgarian Bag Canvas: Price vs Quality

Rounding off our best Bulgarian Bags, we take a look at a somewhat unproven brand in the space with the 4Fit Bulgarian Bag. Made of canvas, it is the cheapest of the 5 alternatives listed here, and the compromise shows in the finish as well as material used. It has fewer grips and handles – meaning fewer it’s more limited in the exercises you can do – than for example the CoreX Matador Bag and also comes unfilled/empty.

We would strongly recommend one the other Bulgarian Bags which at a few dollars more provide a much more satisfactory product and training experience. However, if you just want to try the Bulgarian Bag exercise regime, this is the most cost-effective way in getting started!

What’s a Bulgarian Bag

The original Bulgarian Bag® by inventor and coach Ivan Ivanov is available under the brand SUPLES

The Bulgarian Bag was originally designed by Ivan Ivanov, a world-class athlete and wrestling coach, after spotting what he believed was a need to develop a training device that incorporated body movement and focused on developing the core upper and lower body strength that is crucial for wrestlers, MMA fighters or other high-intensity sports.

The unconventional shape is supposedly reminiscent of a Bugarian wrestling tradition which sees winners being awarded livestock – in the form of sheeps, lambs, calfs or rams – which they would carry on their backs.

Nowadays, the Bulgarian Bag is made out of leather or canvas and filled with sand and wool to exact weight specifications. Multiple grips and handles allow for a huge array of Bulgarian Bag exercises which according to experts make the Bulgarian Bag the only single exercise equipment which mimics natural movement and covers all planes of movement under load, making it an extremely effective training tool to “bulk up”. For more information on the history of the Bulgarian Bag, see Wikipedia.

The Best Bulgarian Bag Exercises

As of writing this guide on the best Bulgarian Bags 2017, there are more than 40 individual exercises you can complete with your bag. To help your training efforts, we have picked the ones which have the most immediate impact on your main muscle groups and you can download them in our handy Bulgarian Bag Exerise pdf.

Read more: Best Exercises using a Bulgarian Bag

Bulgarian Bag exercises break the tradition of other more well-know status resistance weigh training exercises (such as free weights) which impact muscles in a singular plane of motion, by using accelerating and deceleration movements to swing and spin the bag at various angles which works your muscles across multiple planes of motion.

The net effect is that Bulgarian Bag exercises are truly functional and maximize your strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, and overall explosiveness.

Types of Bulgarian Bags

When deciding which Bulgarian Bag to buy, there are a few important aspects to consider.

First of all, make sure that your chosen Bulgarian Bag has all the standard straps and handles as shown below. This is critically important so that you can perform the whole range of Bulgarian Bag exercises!

Secondly, you need to decide on the weight of your Bulgarian Bag. Generally, the bags range from 6lbs (kg) all the way to 84lbs (kg). Depending on your fitness level, we would generally recommend X for customers who are just starting with Bulgarian Bag exercises and between X and X if you’re a more advanced user. If you’re unsure what weight to go for, we would highly recommend you test the Bulgarian Bags at your local gym to see which weight suits you best, as using a bag that is too heavy can be risky!

Next, decide on the material of your Bulgarian Bag. Generally, they come in 3 types:

1. Authentic Leather Bulgarian Bags: Real leather is the professionals choice when it comes to choosing the best Bulgarian Bag. It is suptle yet extremely sturdy and is very unlikely to rip or tear. Pricier than man-made materials, a leather Bulgarian Bag will last you a lifetime!

2. Synthetic Leather Bulgarian Bags: Synthetic leather offers similar advantages to real leather alternatives at a lower cost. The material will absorb sweat so the bag doesn’t slide or slip when doing the exercises.

3. Plastic Bulgarian Bags: We woud highly recommend a leather or canvas bag if you can afford it, however, plastic Bulgarian Bags are an option if you’re looking for a cheaper aletrnative. Plastic is the material of choice for many low-quality imports and have multiple issues, such as poor worksmanship, sharp edges that rip your skin or poorly attached grips that tear after a few days. Make sure you read user reviews in detail or chose from our list of the Best Bulgarian Bags 2017 before buying a plastic bag.

4. Canvas Bulgarian Bags: A canvas Bulgarian Bag is a great alternative to the traditional leather. It’s normally somewhat lighter, both in weight and on your pocket so it’s a great bag for beginners or people just wanting to give Bulgarian Bag exercises a try before committing to a more advanced model.

Finally, pick your price level. Bulgarian Bags can range from around $30 (£25) for entry level models to a few hundred bucks for professional models. The type of material plays a huge part in the cost, as well as the brand you’re purchasing. Suples LTD® – the brand of the original inventor of the Bulgarian Bags – is by far the best producer and it’s worth investing a bit more and get an original Suples® bag. Note that they offer FREE SHIPPING which with heavier bags can add an additional unseen cost as well as a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so make sure you factor these benefits in when comparing prices.

What to look for when buying a Bulgarian Bag

Bulgarian Bag vs “Normal” Weightbags

What differentiates our best Bulgarian Bags from other weightbags? First of all, the Bulgarian Bag has a unique shape and design which allows for a multitude of movements and exercises. So instead of purchasing mutiple bags and/or equipment you can get a full-body shred just by using your Bulgarian Bag.

The Bulgarian Bag also comes with almost 10 years of pedigree and has been used by olympic athletes, pro wrestlers and MMA-superstars so you know it get’s results!

And finally, you’re guaranteed satisfaction when purchasing an offical Suples® Bulgarian Bag with their no-questions asked, 15-day money back guarantee!

Bulgarian Training DVD’s 2017

The best Bulgarian Bag Training DVD is currently the original film created by Ivan Ivanov, the inventor of the Bulgarian Bag.

The training DVD presents on of Ivan’s favorite training routines for upper and lower body muscular endurance. First, he demonstrates his “coaches style” workout or, in other words, his workout that is “nice and easy” when comparing the workout to his typical Olympic level training. It’s a great workout for any level of athlete.

Later on in the coaching session, Coach Ivan continues his Bulgarian Bag workout with resident athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. This workout is intended for the higher level athlete. This routines DVD is great for both athletes and coaches of any level to learn how to use their bag more effectively!

Best Bulgarian Bag 2017: Final Verdict

Our final recommendation – after having reviewed most of the leading Bulgarian Bag manufacturers must be either model by the original Suples LTD. The original remains the best, in this case!

Suples Bulgarian Bag

Price - 8.4
Quality - 9.3
Durability - 9.2


After having reviewed most of the leading Bulgarian Bag manufacturers must be the either model by the original Suples LTD. Pricey, but worth every penny. The original remains the best, in this case!

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